DEAR Inventory: Features

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Inventory Management

Product Families

Operating at a wholesale level will likely bring challenges associated with managing extensive product lines and variations. DEAR simplifies this process by allowing you to create Product Families consisting of variations of the same product with a unique SKU. DEAR will even automatically create the SKUs so you don’t have to.

Multi-Warehouse Management

Keeping track of stock in a single location is difficult enough. Growing into multiple locations while continuing to have a strong grip on your inventory may seem impossible. In DEAR you can create unlimited number of locations and start buying, selling and manufacturing from these locations while also transferring items between them and performing stocktakes.

Load Products from your Online Shop

Doubling up on data entry is hardly the most productive activity when running a business. That’s why DEAR will automatically create products, including all descriptions and photos, currently listed on your existing ecommerce sale channel. Its that simple.

Bar Code Scanning

Automate and streamline your backend processes by utilising Barcode scanning functionality. Performing a manual stock count in a spreadsheet may take days and result in human error. Eliminate these factors by incorporating a barcode scanner as part of your stock count process and save countless hours of manual data entry as well as errors.


Bill of Materials

In DEAR you can manually create, or bulk upload via template, sophisticated Bill of Materials for your inventory and even include subassemblies with all relevant labour and overhead costs for true calculation of production costs. Tracking the costs of raw materials, labour and overheads through your production process will help you formulate the right pricing strategy for your products and ensure you are never operating at a loss.

Job Costing

Job Costing module allows tracking of inventory and service based expenses incurred while performing a job for a client and issue an invoice with built in margin at set milestones.

Finished Goods

It is always handy to know whether you have sufficient raw materials to complete a job. Easily estimate the cost of manufacturing and availability of raw materials in our Finished Goods module. Check the maximum quantity you are able to manufacture along with the relevant costs and automatically order missing components. Auto-assemblies and kits are also available.

Issue to Production

Writing off inventory which has been damaged, lost or used on a job has never been simpler than with our Issue to Production module. Can be used for both inventory and service based expenditure.


Purchase History and Cost

Access comprehensive historical information about your purchases and associated costs. DEAR records your entire purchase history and puts you in control when making a decision to work with a particular supplier. Ability to establish which supplier delivers the most value as well as the biggest profit will ensure you are never operating at a loss.

Re-Order and BackOrder

Don’t have sufficient time to keep an eye on every single inventory item that may be running out? You no longer have to as DEAR lets you set low stock Reorder points which automatically trigger a purchase order to your suppliers. Don’t have enough stock to complete an order? Use DEAR Backorder functionality to automatically trigger a purchase order to suppliers and fulfil your order when stock arrives.

Bar Code Scanning

Take advantage of a barcode scanner when processing inventory. A barcode scanner can be used when receiving inventory in your warehouse, performing pick or a stocktake. Quickly scan the barcode of the stock you are receiving or picking and DEAR will automatically find the right item and ensure correct inventory is selected every time.

Upload Purchase Orders

Managing Purchase Orders with 100’s of line items can become difficult. In DEAR this process has been simplified and you can now easily upload large Purchase Orders in universal CSV format. Simply download a template, populate it with relevant line items, upload back up and you are done.

Sales Management

Centralised Order Tracking

Take control of your inventory with centralised order tracking for all sales channels. Keeping track of all orders coming from e-Commerce, retail location and phone sales can become a nightmare overnight. In DEAR you can access a consolidated list of all orders coming from all sales channels, easily view the status of each order and ensure you never lose another sale.

Bar Code Scanning

Take advantage of Barcode Scanning functionality during fulfilment process. Barcode scanning functionality can be used during the Pick stage of the fulfilment process and reduces human error by ensuring correct inventory is picked every time. This feature is especially useful when dealing with batch or serial numbers associated with your inventory.

Drop Shipment

Use our drop shipment functionality to sell items you never actually stock. DEAR supports a Drop Ship model where you never actually stock the inventory you sell to end customer. You able to create a Sale Order for a customer and based on this automatically generate a Purchase Order to your supplier with customer’s shipment details, essentially saving you time and unnecessary paperwork.

POS Integration

Integration with POS systems ensures your sales through a retail location are reflected in your inventory. DEAR’s integration with POS systems will ensure that any sale made through your retail location is reflected in your inventory and relevant transactions and documents are generated to cater for accounting requirements.

Accounting and Finance

Accounting Integration

Forget double data entry with our seamless integrations with accounting apps Xero and QuickBooks Online. Simply complete all inventory transactions like buying, selling and manufacturing and DEAR will automatically create all relevant accounting entries and then synchronise this data to the accounting app. Invoices, bills, payments, credit notes and manual journals could all be synchronised with a click.

Real-time Management

No longer wait for the end of the month to get access to financial information as transactions occurring across all sale channels are synchronised to DEAR Inventory in real time ensuring that your balance sheet and profit and loss statements always have up to date figures.

Costing Methods

DEAR uses actual accounting costing methods FIFO and FEFO for true cost calculations when you buy, sell or manufacture. Variations of the costing methods cater for inventory with serial/batch numbers as well as expiry dates allowing you to store unique items and giving ability to subsequently track the sale of inventory to specific end customers.

Financial Reports

Whether used in conjunction with an accounting application or in standalone mode, DEAR Inventory delivers vital financial information via the powerful reporting module. Easily view and export your balance sheet and profit & loss statement by product.

eCommerce and Shipment

DEAR Inventory's integrations with online stores and shipping platforms help you reach your customers making your business truly global. Add new platforms to your sale strategy and use DEAR Inventory as a central point for managing all orders, payments and shipment information for multiple sale channels.

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