What is SaaS?

Software as a Service, or SaaS is a model where software is rented instead of buying it. Applications are delivered via the internet, accessed using a computer or mobile device with internet connection and a browser.

The SaaS Advantage

Software as a Service [SaaS] is software delivered via cloud. It means you don't need to invest a lot of money to setup your own infrastructure (hardware, data center, IT operations, etc.). You only pay the software you use with a monthly or yearly subscription. It means you focus on what you do best - manage and grow your business, and leave the IT and tech stuff to the SaaS provider.

Cloud Computing Technology
You have a massive IT infrastructure in the cloud at your disposal. No need to buy servers, software licenses, maintain data centers or hire lots of IT guys to run your IT department.


High Availability and Secured
Utilizing Google's Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services enable applications high availability and data protection utilizing business-class security technology.


Fast, Reliable and Affordable
Gone are the days when owning business software is very expensive, takes forever to implement, very complex to use and scaling up to adopt your business needs is restrictive.


"The Internet has disrupted the way the world is doing business. Cloud computing, big data and new IT strategies make startups and small companies disrupt and dislodge giant corporations in a very short time. Not able to recognize these trends is a sure formula for failure."

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Our SaaS Business Solutions

SaaS Philippines develops web applications and partners with world-renowned SaaS business software providers to deliver popular yet inexpensive business applications perfect for small to medium businesses and even for large companies.

Cloud Accounting
Used by over 700,000 subscribers worldwide, with eCommerce integration
Starts from ₱950.00 per

Online Accounting

Invoices and Payments

Paperless Accounting

Remote Bookkeeping

Cloud Inventory Management
Complete Inventory Management with integration to eCommerce and Accounting
Starts from ₱7,000.00 per

Inventory Management

Includes Purchasing and Sales

BOM/Recipe and Manufacturing

e-Commerce and Accounting Integration

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